Friday, January 26, 2007

Taxation Mutation

I've been getting a little more daring in my snowboarding lately, carving faster and attempting higher jumps. After my fall on Tuesday, my head was achy, I was nauseated, and extremely tired. I found out later that those are symptoms of a minor concussion. Now, I'm not all about head injuries, so I decided to invest in a helmet.
You'd think in a rich ski/snowboarding environment like Utah, there would be tons of places with helmets galore. But I searched everywhere before choosing one on Wednesday at the Sports Authority inside the Newgate Mall in Ogden. I hate giving money to such a big corporation, but it was the only one that I liked and that fit.
After I bought it, I was having coffee with Caleb, and happened to see a small, locally-owned snow/skate shop next to the coffee house. I went in and found a helmet I liked better, and for a cheaper price. So I bought it with the intention of returning the first helmet.
I was running errands yesterday and noticed there was a Sports Authority inside the Layton Hills Mall. I took the helmet back there, and the sales associate told me that I was losing money because the sales tax in Weber County (where Newgate Mall is) is 6.6%, but sales tax in Davis County (where Layton Hill Mall is) is 6.5%.
Fine, Weber County. You can have my eleven cents. But if a stop sign mysteriously disappears or a parking ticket goes unpaid, I will have had my revenge.

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