Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Powder Keg

Kristen, Ryan, & Renee by currtdawg
Kristen, Ryan, & Renee, a photo by currtdawg on Flickr.

Saturday morning, we started an exercise, which means we're all working 12-hour days through at least tomorrow. So, nobody has had a day off since last Sunday. On top of that, we have a lot of people crammed into the water shop and there's quite a bit of frustration with the exercise scenarios. Obviously, people are getting a little on edge. This evening, Kristen was trying to get out of her chem gear, and somehow all the stress gave way to goofiness which included Renee trying to pull Kristen's boots off with Ryan gawking in astonishment. It was a welcome fit of laughter after a rough ten straight days of work. We're all so ready for some down time.

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