Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Let's Get Loud

A few months ago, Radiohead announced some tour dates, including four in Italy in July. I was somehow able to nab tickets to the show in Firenze AND the show in Codroipo, which is basically right up the street. My concert attendance has become quite sporadic since my days in Utah, mostly because the bands I'd pay to see don't travel here very often. Still, when someone I love comes around, I'm willing to make the effort to go see them, even if it means travelling across the country (or to another nearby country).
So, you can imagine my delight when Madonna announced her world tour this morning, including two dates in Italy in June. Say what you will about her Super Bowl appearance on Sunday (which I thought was decent, but not great), but that woman can put on a live show like nobody's business. I scored a ticket to both shows (Milano and Firenze), and now I'm just waiting for the new record next month, which I will probably listen to ad nauseum until the day of the show. Don't judge me.

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