Friday, April 01, 2011

Pomp & Circumstance

IMG_0661 by currtdawg
IMG_0661, a photo by currtdawg on Flickr.

After six weeks, three speeches, two memorandums, eight multiple choice tests, two interpersonal meetings, and multiple facepunches, we graduated. Congratulations to Dennie and Pettaway for winning Distinguished Graduate Awards.

IMG_0665 by currtdawg
IMG_0665, a photo by currtdawg on Flickr.

After the ceremony, a few of us headed to the club for some after-party drinks. It was great to have some fun without any deadlines looming over our heads.

IMG_0666 by currtdawg
IMG_0666, a photo by currtdawg on Flickr.

The past six weeks weren't easy, but I made some great friends, and thanks to the magic of the interwebs, I hope we'll all keep in touch for a long time. Congratulations and thanks to everyone in Mustang Flight!

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