Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Personal Best

I had my PT test this morning, which is always a rather stressful thing. Even though I'm 99% sure I'll pass, I never know by how much. There are so many things that factor in and so many consequences if those factors get even a little out of whack.
I went in there, did my best, and scored a 90.7. Even though my run time was a little slower, my push-ups and sit-ups were a lot higher and it was the highest score I've ever gotten. Plus, since I scored above a 90, I don't have to test again for another year, instead of in six months. And the added bonus is that I get a day off.
So, yeah, this was one of two major stress factors for me this week and it's a huge load off my shoulders. My other major stress factor is a project I'll write more about once it's finished. Keep your fingers crossed.

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