Monday, October 18, 2010

Knee High

We had a water break today. Actually, we knew about it last week, but it wasn't too bad, and today was the first day we could get a Dirt Boy out there to dig for us. It was just bubbling up out of the ground a little bit, and we were hoping it wouldn't be too severe; but after we dug it up, it ended up being a lot worse. To compound our frustration, the nearest shut-off valve was over a fence inside an Italian military compound. This meant we would have to deal with the Carabinieri AND the Italian military, and it could literally take days to get the valve shut off.
So Rick, being the hero he is, decided that he wanted to fix it live. Part of it looked like this:

Eventually, he needed a little help lining up the pipes, so I hopped down in the hole. Despite temperatures in the upper 50s, it didn't seem that cold. We finished the job by 2 PM--much sooner than anticipated--then after taking our tools back to the shop, we went home. We felt we deserved it. A big high-five to Rick and his sense of adventure.

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