Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Head of the Class

I'm slowly starting to take college courses again. Since the University of Maryland has a satellite campus on base, I've been going through them. This time around, I'm going for a business degree, which shouldn't take me too long, hopefully.
Last term, I took Library Science, which basically teaches one how to Google something. But, it's a basic requirement for a degree, so I gotta take it. This term, I'm taking Writing 101 and a basic computer class. The writing class is another basic requirement, which is ridiculous since I had upper level writing classes the first time I was in school. And the computer class shouldn't be too difficult. Both classes are hybrids in that half the time I'll be in a classroom, and the rest of the class is online, so I'll only have class two nights a week. I start on November 1st and will finish just in time to head home for Christmas. It's gonna be a busy six weeks, but I'm looking forward to it.

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