Sunday, January 24, 2010

Worse Before It Gets Better

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Finally! Some of those picture things I've been promising...but not too many. I gotta give you some reason to keep coming back here, right?
So, yeah, today is day thirty-something, though it seems we've been here longer. It's weird how the days go by so quickly, yet when I think back to last Sunday, it seems like forever ago.

Paucar & Joel
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Our project really kicked into high gear this week. We now have to show up to work even earlier, and our PT time has been taken away. I understand management wants the job to get done, but they obviously don't care much about our morale.

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Still, we find ways to have fun on the job. We got two new guys on our crew this week, and they both seem pretty cool. The goal set for us is to finish two buildings by March 1st, and we're well on our way. The biggest hurdle is not having the parts we need, but we manage to scrounge around and still get stuff done, somehow. We've got a long way to go, and I just hope we can all maintain our sanity.

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