Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trudging Forward

To say work has been killing me would be an overstatement, as I'm obviously alive enough to write this. Exhausting would be a better term. It's not enough that I've been putting in more than my required 12-hour days, which included a trip to the office today--my day off. I've also been trying to motivate and maintain the morale of my crew, keeping two of my crew members from attacking each other, and showing one of my bosses how to use that little click-y thing attached to his computer. (He even asked, "If there are two of them, do I call them 'mice'?" First, let's conquer the cut-and-paste function; then we can get into semantics.)
But there's an upside. We're already a month down, and the time is flying by, so far. The guys in my shop from other bases are all pretty cool. And the project we're doing is a great learning experience, not just in construction, but also in managerial training. I'm still working on pictures, but I'll have them up eventually.
Something keeping my morale up is the media drive on our intranet. There are tons of movies and television shows available to watch anytime. (Normally, I'm against pirating unauthorised media of any kind, but I just told you I'm working nearly 80 hours a week, so cut me some slack, okay?) Lately, during lunch, I take a few minutes to catch an episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It's one of the most depraved shows I've ever seen, and it's hysterical. It definitely lifts my spirits enough to move into the second half of my day.

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