Sunday, July 19, 2009

Testing the old "beer before liquor..." adage.

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Last night, I met Nate and Dan at the bowling alley to roll a few balls. The original plan was to go dancing, but Cheyenne and Jess are up in Germany right now, and we didn't want to go if it was just three guys. By the time I got to the bowling alley, Nate and Dan were already a little tipsy, and Nate had resorted to opening his beer bottles with his belt buckle.
I didn't drink anything until we went downtown to Pogue's, which consisted of a few pints of Guinness. Unfortunately, they were getting ready to close, but we were far from done. Our only option was the Cal Bar, which isn't exactly the classiest bar in town, but the drinks are cheap, they're open late, and Nate wanted to play pool.
I think our big mistake was switching from beer to liquor. The night got a little fuzzy after that, but after the bar closed, we walked back to Nate's place. I crashed on the couch and didn't wake up until almost 2. It's a shame because it's a gorgeous day, and I've slept most of it away. I think I'm gonna go for a short hike and get some fresh air, which will will hopefully get rid of this hangover.

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