Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sand and Sun

Yesterday was our squadron beach day. It wasn't mandatory to go to the beach, but if you weren't there, then you were at work. The choice wasn't difficult for me.

Austin & Josh
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I can't believe I've been here so long, and this was my first time at a real Italian beach. The sand was perfect, and the weather was gorgeous.

Deja, Ariah, & Destinee
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Those who had families brought them along, and those who didn't just had extra room for more beer.

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Steve-O made several attempts on his skimboard, but never quite got the hang of it. He did, however, provide plenty of entertainment for the rest of us spectators.

I put sunscreen on early in the day, but somehow forgot to put any on my legs; and today, I'm paying the price. Still, it was a wonderful, relaxing day, and now that I know how to get there, I might plan another trip sometime soon.

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