Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Plunged Into Chaos

It's amazing the changes that can go on in a short two-week period. I went back to work Monday to find our old boss had been moved to the command section, the boss after him had moved to a different shop for, ahem, personnel reasons, and we have a new boss who isn't even really in our career field. There are bound to be some growing pains, but I'm optimistic things will be good in due time.
I also came back to find out I'm on stand-by this week. While I was gone, some changes with rounds/stand-by were made to make things easier. We've done away with the early morning and swing shifts, and weekend duty will only take a couple hours. However, the only potential snag this week is that it's opening weekend for the pool. I spent 14 hours at work yesterday getting that thing filled and running, and I'd be surprised if I go all weekend without getting a call about something. The plus side is that I'll only be on duty Saturday and Sunday, with Monday and Tuesday off.
The third change is that we got a new guy in our shop named Rick. He and his wife moved here from Mississippi, and he's really cool and laid back. Corey will be leaving next month, so it's good to have another guy around to chat with. He's excited to be in Italy, and we're happy to have a new guy on our crew.

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