Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please, Mr. Postman

I'm making a switch. I've had my .mac e-mail account since I bought my computer in 2003. It's easy; it looks good; and, I love the way it works seamlessly with Macs. The only downfall is that it costs money. It has tons of features I don't even use, so there's really no point in paying for something I can get for free elsewhere. Plus, Apple is changing all their .mac accounts to .me accounts, and it's a little confusing. I'll always be a Mac-Head and will never own any other kind of computer. But as for e-mail, I'm moving to gmail. So, please update your address books to reflect my new address: The .mac account will be active until July, so you've got time, but the sooner the better. As a reminder, I'm going to add a link to my sidebar, just to the right, below my picture. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support.

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