Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost Like A Saturday

Kristy & Rick
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Today was the going-away party for Major Figiera, our Operations Flight Commander. He declared that everyone in Ops would stand down for a big picnic at the rec area. There was all kinds of sports and games going on.

Deana & JoAnn
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It was a gorgeous day, and we all had a great time relaxing, playing cards and dominoes, tossing the frisbee, eating, and seeing Major Fig and his family off in proper CE fashion.

After the presentations, there was a dessert raffle. People from our shop ended up buying the majority of sweet and tasty things, justifying it by telling everyone we'd just be bringing everything into the shop tomorrow anyway.

Corey & Me
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After that, we put on the sumo suits and wrestled. I was taken down by Corey, 2-1.

Bodden & Stan
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Maj Fig & Corey
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Major Fig proved to be the toughest to beat, or maybe everyone was just going easy on him because he's leaving.

Corey & Maj Fig
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After the suits came off, Corey and the Major had their own little wrestling match, and I happened to catch them in this very compromising position.

For someone whose job normally confines him to his office, it wasn't uncommon for him to visit us on job sites and make sure everything was going okay. He never hesitated to stick his neck out for us and he always had our backs. He has big shoes to fill, but we know he's going on to great things. Arrivederci, Major Fig!

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